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2015 ~ Present
2017.12 Awarded the Million Dollar Export Award
2017.09 Headquarters moved to Suwon Venture Valley 2, Gyeonggi-do
2015.12 Certified Export Frontier Enterprise

HiTech Life&Health is constantly challenging to become a world-class technology company. .

2012 - 2013
2013.12 Acquired Certificate of Authenticity from Korea Customs Service
2013.02 Register DermaF Design
2012.08 Obtained TUV CE certificate
2012.04 Certified Technology Guarantee Fund Venture Company Certification

We are recognized as ISO, venture company, design registration and various certification.

2011.12 Received excellent growth company from MSS
2011.10 Award the enthusiastic entrepreneurial prize from the Business Promotion Agency
2011.09 Obtained DANN-A patent
2011.07 Registered DANN-A design rights
2011.04 Obtained Utility Model
2011.04 Obtained Japanese trademark rights

Hi-Tech Life Health has registered numerous design trademark patents in Korea and Japan.

2010.12 Completed skin irritation test at Chemical Fusion Test Center
2010.07 The KFDA recognized the manufacturing items of medical devices
2010.07 GMP certified by Electric & Electronic Testing Institute획득
2010.03 Established Hitech Life&Health

Hitech Life Health has been established for the purpose of product development in various fields of life.